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Oil /எண்ணெய்
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Susi Shoppy
Shree Deepam Oil (1 L)
MRP: Rs. 265
Rs. 135
Susi Shoppy
Gold Priyam Sunflower Oil(5 L)
MRP: Rs. 850
Rs. 535
Susi Shoppy
Mustard Oil(1 L)
MRP: Rs. 145
Rs. 137
Susi Shoppy
Sun Land Oil(5L)
Rs. 570
Susi Shoppy
Gold Winner 15 L Oil Tin
Rs. 1480
Susi Shoppy
SVS Oil 15 L TIN
Rs. 1550
Susi Shoppy
SVS GroundNut Oil(1L)
Rs. 190
Susi Shoppy
SVS Sunflower Oil(1L)
MRP: Rs. 150
Rs. 115
Susi Shoppy
Gold WInner(1L)
Rs. 110
Susi Shoppy
Gold Winner(5 Ltr)
Rs. 560

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